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Trending Layouts

Our Event Specialist staff are commonly asked for new ways to make our customers event different from the rest. One emerging theme we have found that has been popular in the States and has been making its way into Canada has been a mixture of round and banquet tables for guest seating.

If you are either trying to fit as many people as possible in your venue or are looking for something different – they may be something you should consider.

An amazing thing about using two different styles of tables allows you to use different styles of centerpieces. In the event design world this is a highly recommended thing to do anyways. The banquet tables allows you to use a long style of centerpiece Рperhaps a natural greenery runner with silver dollar eucalyptus and some candlestick holders. And the round tables can have a taller centerpiece to give the room some more dimension.

*It is recommended that if you decide to utilize tall centerpieces for guest tables to ensure that they are tall enough so that guest can see through them.

See below for some sample layouts that our team has done up.